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The Best Clickbank Webmaster’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing and Making Money Online

Overview of Affiliate Marketing:

This post is not a full “welcome to affiliate marketing” tutorial, first and foremost. I’m not going to waste time going over the fundamentals; instead, I’m going to focus on the specific strategies you’ll need to generate income, along with some background information that will help you better understand why these strategies work.

Inexperienced readers will benefit much from the advice and inspiration included below. Seasoned marketers will find this material true and invigorating, and you’ll also uncover some awe-inspiring new ideas to use in your daily work. Let’s go ahead and keep going.

It’s no secret that affiliate marketing is the most common method of making money on the internet. Every visitor, subscriber, customer, and/or transaction generated by an affiliate’s efforts are remunerated via the use of affiliate marketing. It is possible to get compensation or a commission depending on the number of impressions (CPM), the number of clicks (CPC), the number of registrants or new customers (Pay-per-lead or CPA), or any combination of them.

Many affiliate programs are available on the internet, and they provide a wide range of items, from magazine subscriptions to life insurance, as well as everything in between.

In other words, an affiliate’s role is to direct customers to a merchant’s website. A commission is given to the affiliate when a specific “action” or sale is made. It’s like being a salesman at a store, but online. Later in this chapter, I’ll teach you more about how to use affiliate marketing in the real world.

Models of Compensation:

Another key feature is an affiliate program’s payout plan. The advertisers you choose to work with and the methods you use to promote them may be affected by this. It is certain to affect your earnings. A summary of the different compensation structures used by affiliate marketers is provided below.

CPM/PPI stands for cost-per-thousand or cost-per-thousands.

Impressions-per-million-dollars-spent (M = Latin/Roman numeral for 1,000) The advertiser pays the publisher $x.xx per thousand impressions (page views or displays). In most situations, the ad is a banner that runs across or down the side of a website’s header or footer.

In the advertising industry, the terms “pay per click” (PPC) and “cost per click” (CPC) are used interchangeably.

Cost-per-click Every time a visitor (possible prospect) clicks on the advertiser’s ad, the publisher receives $X.XX from the advertiser; the frequency with which an ad is presented has no bearing on the compensation. Only if the ad is clicked on is a commission owed. Google AdWords, Miva, and other suppliers employ the PPC paradigm. Advertisement banners appear next to many online sites’ search results.

(PPL), (CPA), and/or (CPL) are all terms that refer to how much a business pays to get a lead.

Cost-per-input action (CPA). Cost-per-Click (CPL). The advertiser pays the publisher X.XX in commission for each visitor who was referred by the publisher to the advertiser (website) and takes the desired action, such as filling out a form, establishing an account, and signing up for a newsletter, etc. Internet service companies, mobile phone providers, banks (loans and mortgages, credit cards), and subscription services are all using this remuneration model.

PPS (pay-per-sale) and CPS (cost-per-sale):

The cost of a sale (CPS). The percentage of the order amount generated by a consumer suggested by the publisher is paid to the publisher by the advertiser. For online shops with an affiliate marketing program, this remuneration plan is by far the most commonly employed approach. “Revenue Sharing” is a common term for this kind of payment.

There is currently no shorthand for pay-per-call.

In this instance, an entirely new method of remuneration has been devised. There is currently no official abbreviation. When prospective customers contact a certain publisher’s advertisement, the advertiser pays the publisher a commission of X.XX. With the use of call-tracking technologies, it is now possible to bridge the gap between online and physical advertising. Pay-per-call advertising is still in its infancy and early stages of development.

A Model to Consider

As you can see, each compensation model has benefits and cons. When deciding which affiliate marketing program to join, this may (and should) be crucial, but it depends on what you’re offering and how you plan to promote it.

For instance, Survey Adventure, a paid survey program, pays out $4.50 for each double opt-in lead (CPA). Signing up with the organization is free, so it’s no surprise that the program converts quite well. However, to get significant profits, you’ll need to give a large number of leads. Pay-per-sale programs are where the money is (PPS). The money will come if your product is excellent and your affiliate marketing strategy is strong.

Affiliate Marketing and you:

There are many additional elements, facts, suggestions, and information that I could offer you about affiliate marketing, but we don’t want to delve too deep into it. That being said, I’ll briefly touch on a few topics that I believe you’ll need to know and implement in your money-making pursuits.

It’s all about the Web 2.0 revolution.

There is a new Web 2.0 emerging as a result of the proliferation of blogging, online communities, article directories, and other basic websites. New technologies have had a significant influence on the affiliate marketing industry. It used to take months and a team of experts to establish a web presence.

It is now easy for newcomers to “open shop” in a matter of hours, even if they have little or no previous business expertise. As a result of this new medium, businesses may better communicate with their affiliates. In other words, after reading this tutorial, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert in the field of affiliate marketing.

Search Engine Optimization and Trademark Bidding

Paid per click advertising was originally introduced to the general public via PPC search engines. Google’s PPC service AdWords, first introduced in 2000, is largely to thank for PPC’s widespread use as a marketing tool.

As a result, several advertisers have now made changes to their affiliate marketing program rules to ban their affiliates from bidding on particular keywords. Some trademarks, like “eBay”, are tightly limited due to this, and we will not discuss this further.

One sector that has escaped the new limits is SEO, which stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” To help you out, I’ll be showing you how to develop profiles that will fool search engines into indexing them as relevant websites and placing them at the top of the rankings. Enroll in both Google AdWords and Miva. Later in the tutorial, I’ll explain how to use them.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Entrepreneurs that are at the cutting edge of internet marketing are the driving force behind affiliate marketing. Unlike established marketers, affiliates are the first to take advantage of new developing trends and technology.

Affiliates aren’t afraid to take a chance, and “trial and error” is perhaps the best description of what goes on in the world of affiliate marketing. The fact that most affiliates fail and quit before becoming “super affiliates” who produce $10,000 or more in commissions (not sales) each month is a result of this.

To earn as much money as you desire, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort and think outside the box, but if you succeed, the benefits are enormous. Never stop trying!

Networks of affiliates:

Only a small percentage of publications run their affiliate programs. Large affiliate networks are responsible for setting up and managing most affiliate marketing programs. The biggest affiliate network on the internet, ClickBank, is in charge of setting up and maintaining the majority of my affiliate marketing programs. Certain networks don’t need a certain level of certification, but the vast majority do.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’ll want to check out this list of the best affiliate networks that all of the experts use and recommend to their clients.

One of the “Big Four” affiliate networks

More than a hundred thousand affiliates and thousands of information product providers are connected with ClickBank, which provides access to a wide variety of downloaded eBooks. The quality of the items offered might vary greatly since merchants can join for a low cost and with ease. Untapped markets may also be found on ClickBank.

Another well-known affiliate marketing network is Commission Junction (abbreviated “CJ”). Product sellers and CJ partners work hand in hand to create a mutually beneficial business model. CJ has a large number of well-known brands on its website and is well-known. Although it’s completely free to join, most vendors have a strict set of criteria for who they allow to represent them.

More than 600 retailers are available via LinkShare. Wal-Mart, Foot Locker, and Apple iTunes are just a few of the well-known brands you’ll see. Merchants are picky when it comes to whom they represent!

Performics is a very professional website featuring well-known brand names and products. Performics’ big-name customers include Orchard Bank, OfficeMax, Activa Sports, and Barnes & Noble, just to name a few. DoubleClick owns Performics. It’s not required, although armatures may attempt it.

Incentives from the networks:

Before you can get your first payment from most affiliate marketing networks, you must first meet a “payment threshold” with the network. It’s up to you how much money you are paid, and although that number varies from network to network, you have a lot of control over how you get paid.

Direct Deposit, PayPal, and checks by mail are your options. Because I dislike having to wait for cheques to clear the bank, I have most of my accounts set up to receive direct deposits every week. To transfer your profits straight to the card, you may configure your affiliate accounts. This eliminates the one-week delivery period for checks and the two-week clearing period for checks from out of state.

However, not all affiliate marketing networks accept PayPal as a payment method. Just like with direct deposit, it’s simple to use. On payday, you’ll discover the money in your bank account. You may also acquire a PayPal Debit card by setting up a merchant (company) account, as I did.

Again, like a bank, it functions. In a strange coincidence, the interest rate on the credit card was far greater than any bank I’d ever heard of at the time I applied for the card. But that’s another tale altogether.

I need to keep my affiliate marketing profits distinct from the rest of my income, so I like to structure my finances this way. When Uncle Sam asks me about my income at the end of the year, I don’t have to collect paystubs or anything like that. I just need to print out two copies of my account history. It’s entirely up to you how you want to be compensated, but as far as I’m aware, free and quick is always preferable.

ClickBank and CJ: A Partnership

More than a hundred thousand affiliates and thousands of information product providers are connected with ClickBank, which provides access to a wide variety of downloaded eBooks. The quality of the items offered might vary greatly since merchants can join for a low cost and with ease. Untapped markets may also be found on ClickBank.

What’s the purpose of ClickBank?

Just because you’re reading this doesn’t mean it’s not an “information product” for you. E-books, video lessons, audio teleconferences, software, and the like are all examples of information goods.

The first step is to sign up for a free affiliate account with ClickBank and begin searching for goods to promote. Checks are sent out every two weeks based on how many customers you bring in via your affiliate links (once you break the small minimum sale threshold).

When it comes to making money online, there’s nothing better than ClickBank. A product vendor’s expenses are minimal since ClickBank specializes in information items, which means that they may pass along a significant portion of their profits to affiliates.

As a general rule, it’s far simpler to make a lot of money online with 50% of a sale than with just 5 cents. As a result, the bulk of this tutorial will be devoted to ClickBank affiliate marketing tactics.

ClickBank’s e-commerce platform:

As a marketer, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in the ClickBank Marketplace area. The items that are presently being offered by publishers are listed in the ClickBank marketplace. Enter your ClickBank username to get your hop-link for promoting a product that you’ve discovered. This will allow you to monitor your sales.

You’ll base your choice of a product to advertise on the outcomes of your target market’s criteria. Searching for “Make Money Online” under “Money and Employment” will provide far too many results to list, but you may focus your search on a smaller segment of the market if you are more particular. Look for terms like “affiliate marketing beginners” while doing your search. The following are the most significant criteria to consider while looking for products:

The amount of money that network affiliates have made per sale in the past (after deducting refunds).

It is the percentage of profit that is given to affiliates for every sale that they make. Most product sellers at ClickBank get paid between 25 and 50 percent. As long as you’re aiming to sell a lot of things, you’ll pay 75 percent, no matter what.

The proportion of product sales that come via affiliates, rather than the vendor’s marketing efforts,

A product’s appeal may be summarized in a single word: “gravity” (the number of affiliate sales has been made recently). No matter how popular a product may be, it does not always guarantee that its affiliates are earning a higher percentage of sales from it.

The items are sorted based on how well-liked they are. Reviewing the aforementioned elements will allow you to access the “pitch page” by just clicking on the product title. You may fall in love with a product or service and decide to promote it as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing, To what, end?

While there are many “gurus” who claim to know how to promote the most popular goods on ClickBank, the fact is that very few of them have any useful information to provide. Advertisements, article writing, and tricking people into purchasing the most expensive things you can find will all be discussed, all of which will require substantial upfront investment on your part. In today’s world, just playing with AdWords alone costs a lot of money.

As a result, this is what I recommend you do. Don’t attempt to locate the best-selling goods on ClickBank. Find a product or service that resonates with your target audience. Believe what I’m saying, you can locate anything and everything on ClickBank that pays large affiliate commissions.

The World of Warcraft niche is a wonderful illustration of this. An MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game): This game has to be one of the most played and best known. I believe it is just for nerds, but several of my college peers have shown an interest in participating in it.

There are many nice products in the “Warcraft” category on ClickBank, and roughly four of them are very outstanding. What was once “a few” goods are now spread throughout several sites? Things like this must be a big hit. Searching for “Warcraft” on Google returns 10,610,000 results. There are over 3124 Warcraft groups on the famous social networking site Myspace, with the largest group boasting over 40,000 members.

Using ClickBank, you can’t go wrong with even a minimum bit of research into a certain niche. My original plan was for the example I was going to offer to be a different one, but then I got greedy and realized that this marketing approach may work for you as well. Even if you’ve already gotten a good start on the competition by reading this, you shouldn’t be shocked if the market for this information becomes saturated very quickly.

Commission Junction           

Another well-known affiliate marketing network is Commission Junction (abbreviated “CJ”). Affiliates and product sellers are brought together by CJ and its affiliates may also market services and physical items. CJ’s site has numerous well-known brands and is incredibly well-known. Although it’s free to join the network, many companies have a preference for who represents them. Vendors often demand a website with a large amount of focused traffic.

You can only promote advertisers via Commission Junction’s “Advertiser List” instead of a “marketplace,” and you can only become one of their “publishers,” or what CJ refers to as its affiliates if you have been accepted to be one of their affiliates. The paid survey advertisers with whom I work are listed below. The “date accepted” column is noticeable. This proves that I’ve built up a network of business contacts over the years.

There is a tool called “Network Earnings,” which is similar to ClickBank’s $/sale function and indicates the amount of money (excluding refunds) that the network’s affiliates have earned per sale over time.

You can sort items on CJ by the amount made for each lead and click, which is similar to how you can do it on ClickBank, but you can do it on CJ too (CPC and CPA).

More than EPC, Commission Junction provides a few other metrics for determining the success of an advertisement. The “EPC” or “profits per click” ratio, which is expressed by how much money is produced on average for every 100 clicks, is the most crucial of them.

A 7-day EPC of 24.69, like Greenfield Online’s, translates to 8.9 visitors signing up for Greenfield and referring affiliates making money in that period. In the realm of affiliate marketing, it may not seem “wonderful.”

To what end?

All the advertisers I deal with via Commission Junction use the CPA pay scheme. Paid surveys are now one of the most popular marketplaces on Commission Junction and among internet users. It’s been a popular choice for survey firms to work with CJ since they provide CPA.

Some of the top free CPA programs on the internet, such as the paid survey program Survey Adventure, can be found at Commission Junction. It has a very high lead payment of $4.50 (CPA). It’s no surprise that this program has a high conversion rate since it’s free to sign up with the firm.

To others, $4.50 may not seem like much of a reward. To a certain degree, that is true. To get the best results, you’ll probably need to drive a lot of traffic to this business. With CPA, the desired activity that you want your visitors to perform is free for them, so the profits should appear quickly.

But keep in mind your audience:

Initially, it may seem as though the network earnings should be the determining element in what you will advertise, but this is not the case. You should constantly keep your target audience in mind when determining what to advertise. Because paid surveys are so popular among college students, these programs have a high rate of success in converting new students.

Again, you’ll need to do some homework to determine what would pique the interest of your intended audience.

Starting as an affiliate marketer is easy for newbies.

I’m not going to get too far into this. This is all I’m going to say; heed my warning. The most effective way to make money selling ANY product or service that belongs to someone else is to create a simple website with only a presale page. Pre-selling is also the easiest way to pre-sell on the web.

It is one of the simplest and most effective one-pagers in any webmaster’s toolbox. Product reviews have been more popular since a lot of short and sweet eBooks were released.

A customer testimonial, an anti-scam, or a program database page are only a few examples of additional pre-sales page styles. A visitor can’t help but buy the goods or items that you’re trying to promote after seeing these teasers, which are a kind of advertising. It is not that this is the only way to sell, but it is the most successful for you.

Pre-selling tactics and ideas have been around for as long as computers have been, and many “gurus” would want to claim credit for them. When it comes down to the essentials of a successful website, it’s all about highlighting their importance and demonstrating how simple it is to put them into practice.

Characteristics of a Successful Website:

Give visitors a glimmer of hope: People purchase stuff every day. If the thing people purchase isn’t designed to keep them alive, like food, it’s supposed to enhance their quality of life in some manner. To get to “the next greatest stage” in their lives, they plan to acquire “the next best item.”

To use you as an example, let’s say you’re reading this with the hope that you’ll use the strategies I’m teaching you to generate money on the internet, and this money will surely enhance your quality of life. There’s a surprise in store for you: I’d want to know why you’re reading this. Because I want to improve my quality of life by helping others make money online and earning a reputation for myself in the process.

Most popular among consumers, but not exclusively, is information on “how to earn money.” However, this may apply to a wide range of items, even if it’s not life-changing. An offer to “download a broad assortment of movies and games ready to be played on the iPhone” sold like hotcakes, as I recently saw.

“Locked” iPhones and Apple aren’t my thing, but they’re quite popular among techies and status seekers. I’m not sure why. These folks are expecting that this device would provide them with entertainment on the move, thereby making their commutes or whatever better, and in some ways, their lives better.

Pre-sale pages are a great way to tap into this need for optimism. If you’re going to do a product review, make sure to explain why “your” product is superior to the competition. Tell them how ProfilesToProfits has improved your life and how it will do the same for them if you use the customer testimonial format (which I recommend if you decide to advertise it).

According to my personal and professional experience, the attention span of a goldfish is about the same as that of a computer browser. Pre-sale pages need to elicit a feeling of urgency in visitors to fight this issue.

For whatever reason, the visitor must remain on your website, read what you have to say, and then purchase your product, or they risk losing out on the one thing that might have transformed their lives for the better. Is it what you were looking at? As a result, I’ve built a more effective feeling of urgency and optimism by tying this urgency into the first component of a successful presale website.

Discount deadlines are a common tactic used by many individuals to do this. These so-called “gurus” and “experts” keep saying things like, “Buy now and blah blah…” To view the same deadline, press the back button and then the forward button.

How to make money with affiliate marketing:

This is no longer believed by the average person in today’s society. Urgency is created by the substance of the message. A successful presale relies on several different elements to be successful. If they don’t, they’re losing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that might have transformed their whole outlook on life forever.

Assume a position of authority at all times. Whatever your product is, you must look to the visitor as the most knowledgeable, informed, and trustworthy person on this planet about it.

Using the presale page approach won’t work if the customer has a negative impression of your knowledge and expertise in the field. Make yourself the go-to person for any questions or concerns you have about this product. If that’s too much effort for you, hire someone who understands what they’re doing to make you seem like an authority figure. There’s no way I can express how important this is.

Presales pages are incomplete without this component. The visitor won’t purchase from you unless they are an idiot, of course, since they will think you’re an idiot if they don’t trust you.

Optional Add-ons:

An efficient sales page/website cannot function without the first three elements. If you design a website and don’t include these elements, you won’t be able to get it up and running. You have no chance. Here are a few extras you may want to consider using in your website’s design. Consider whether or not incorporating these components would eventually help or harm your cause before deciding whether or not to do so.

You may win more confidence by seeming unbiased than by establishing yourself as an expert on the subject matter. Database sites often attempt to look neutral to gain users’ trust. When I initially got interested in affiliate marketing, I remember visiting a certain website (I was 16). It was a catalog of goods to be sold on the internet.

It seemed to be little more than a database at the time. Later, I discovered that almost all of the programs featured on this site were multi-level-marketing scams, which implies that if I signed up for one of the programs and made a sale, the owner of the site would also gain money. This is perfectly OK. MLM is not a scam, as some would have you believe. A negative term is given to it by the people who don’t like it.

As a result, visitors are significantly more likely to purchase from you if they have the idea that you “simply want to assist” them throughout their time on your site. Take a look at a product or item. Set up a database of products to be sold. Educate the public on how to prevent online fraud (you will read more on that next). Attempt to portray yourself as a buddy who is willing to assist them in any way you can. They don’t have to be aware that a purchase they make will result in a commission for you.

The Rich Jerk made this a popular approach for promoting items in oversaturated markets, such as the “how to earn money in real estate” eBook industry. However, I’ve seen that it’s been overused recently, particularly by those using pay-per-click tactics like Google AdWords.

Regarding affiliate marketing, when someone buys something other than your product, you’re trying to convince them that they’ll face hardship in the future. Anti-scam websites are typically a few pages long, with just a few paragraphs outlining the horrors of the market in question. Because there are so many frauds out there, visitors are advised not to sign up for any program—unless, of course, they sign up for the ones they are pushing (which pay the largest commissions).

As a Michigan business and marketing student, I’d like to introduce myself as Jason Stilwell. The main objective of is to help students across the globe find easy, entertaining, and successful methods to earn additional money while they’re in college.

I’ve risen through the ranks thanks to affiliate marketing. I used to be a small-time advertisement for any firm that would give me a chance, but now I have advertisers barking at my tree every day. In the same manner that I help students and those who want to earn additional money, I introduce them to affiliate marketing, which is a wonderful thing. Get additional details by going to’s affiliate marketing page.






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